News from the School Reform Initiative – October 18, 2017

It’s Time to Tell Our Stories

SRI Affiliates have lots of stories to tell; stories about their own learning, stories about school change, and stories about a fierce commitment to equity and excellence. Yet, these important stories are not often widely shared, and opportunities for essential learning are lost.  It is time to tell our stories.

In an effort to share and support a diverse array of high quality, frequent, relevant and useful writing for and by SRI Affiliates, the SRI Board of Directors intends to convene an SRI Editorial Board.  The Editorial Board is charged with reaching out to the SRI community for contributions, establishing publication guidelines, and offering contributing authors support and feedback as they prepare their writing for publication in our SRI online newsletter.

We are seeking volunteers to serve on the SRI Editorial Board. Volunteers must be SRI Affiliates.  They might have experience in writing or in teaching writing or in communicating through a variety of media such as visual arts, film, story telling, or narrative writing.  The Editorial Board’s work will take place via email or using virtual meeting platforms. SRI Affiliates, Frances Hensley and Kevin Fahey have volunteered to serve as the first co-chairs.

If you have questions or would like to volunteer to serve on the SRI Editorial Board, please contact Kevin ( or Frances (

Learning Experiences Announced

Each year at our annual conference we offer a Friday morning opportunity for attendees to take part in learning experiences. Yesterday, registered Fall Meeting participants received an email inviting them to sign-up for their learning experience option. You can check out the great variety of experiences available to attendees by visiting our website. If you are not registered for Fall Meeting, you are missing out on a great opportunity to learn alongside other SRI Affiliates. It’s not too late, you can still register to attend!

Check out the array of Learning Experiences offered at the 2017 Fall Meeting

Don’t forget to Vote for the SRI Board Election

Voting is open now through midnight on November 3, 2017. Since SRI’s formation in 2009, our founders knew it was important to have a board that was elected by members of our organizational community.  This year the SRI Board is seeking four members who have (1) considerable experience with, (2) a strong commitment to, and (3) a positive record of working with schools and students around educational excellence and equity. We are looking for colleagues who have worked in transformative ways, particularly with students of color as well as students with language diversity. SRI hopes to increasingly focus on issues of school transformation, especially around issues of educational equity, and our new members will be able to help advance this important goal.

Now it is up to you. Read about the passion each of the candidates holds for the work and mission of SRI. Consider the rich and varied experiences and expertise that each brings to SRI and vote for all the candidates you believe will best serve in the capacity of board member for SRI.  Voting is open through midnight on November 3, 2017.

How to Vote
If you are already an SRI Affiliate, you should have already received your ballot. When you are ready, simply cast your votes for the candidates you approve. If you did not receive a ballot, and you believe you are an affiliate, please contact Chris at

If you are not yet an SRI Affiliate but would like to participate in this election, you may do so by completing the affiliate form found here. Once you’ve submitted an affiliation form, a ballot will be sent to you via email. It should arrive within 12 hours of your affiliation form submission. If you do not receive a ballot or have difficulty completing the form, please contact Chris at Once you affiliate through the link above, you will receive an annual reminder to renew your a ffiliation with SRI.

Based on feedback from our affiliates, we are coordinating the election of our new board members with our annual Fall Meeting. Computers will be available onsite in Atlanta to support affiliation and voting. Voting will close on Friday, November 3rd, and the newly elected members will be announced on Saturday, November 4th during our Annual Meeting of the Organization.

Do you have news to share? Interesting things happening in your area? Please let us know so we can share with our community! Email Chris Jones,

Thank you,
Kari Thierer, Heidi Vosekas, Chris Jones, and Beth I Graham
On behalf of School Reform Initiative

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