thinking, thinking

After today, I am thinking a lot about the relationship between district based instructional coaches and other “support people” (be they Title I coaches, math coaches, literacy coaches, data coaches, school design coaches…)  What is “help?” What is “support?”  What place do help and support have in partnerships?  Who is accountable, and what would joint accountability look like?  Who knows “best” – and what if we all have (just) a piece of the truth?

Are coaches consultants, or are they acting according to a medical model, diagnosing and prescribing?  I think I will bring the attached chapter from Helping by Edgar Schein to my small group in the morning – we hit a wall giving feedback to one person today, and acknowledged we need new thinking.

We also talked about crucial conversations and Covey’s realm of influence – so I have attached two resources for our group (and any others who are interested!).  Quite a day!

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