Getting Ready for the Reception

After the opening of the Winter Meeting, things sort of run themselves, from a meeting planner perspective at least. We help when needed and run for things, but for the most part, when small groups start, it gets kind of quiet.

We have the experiences this afternon, which will be a flurry of setting up over lunch, but even that should be pretty smooth.

The next, “big deal,” that we are on for is the reception. It will be tonight 5:30-8:30 in the 3rd floor mezzanine. It should be pretty fun & relaxing with some music, hors d’vours, and a cash bar. The music will be provided via a playlist that was flown in from the west coast. It was set up for the reception of the wedding for a planning team member’s son. It came highly recommended.

It should be a good time. See you tonight.



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