The School Reform Initiative (SRI) is an independent, non-profit organization serving thousands of educators and students throughout the United States and beyond. Our mission is to create transformational learning communities, fiercely committed to educational equity and excellence. 

SRI fulfills its mission through:

  • Coordinating and supporting a network of SRI affiliates. Read our Theory of Action to learn more about how we provide administrative support, forums for interaction and exchange of ideas, professional learning opportunities including an annual national conference, and access to online resources
  • Serving as an agent for a community of knowledgeable, skilled, and vetted facilitators who are available to work with schools, districts, and other agencies and organizations through a variety of professional learning opportunities
  • Supporting and sharing research to assess the effectiveness of SRI approaches
  • Developing and maintaining resources to support collaborative adult learning including free online access to educator-developed protocols and processes

Theory of Action
Equity Statement
Core Practices
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