4th Annual SRI Facilitator Retreat

We are excited to offer our annual retreat for SRI facilitators who work to build internal capacity for change in schools and districts, across and among cities, states and regions, and on the international scene.

The agenda for this retreat will be geared toward facilitators who:

  • facilitate adult learning that extends beyond the introduction of SRI tools and processes to encompass the intentional and sustained achievement of SRI’s mission;
  • have spent considerable time coaching, teaching, and facilitating the work of SRI, with few opportunities to gather and reflect with others as they travel along their own developmental journey;
  • wish to learn more about creating the conditions necessary for engaging in conversations about inequity, examining assumptions and beliefs, and identifying and interrupting systemic barriers to equity in our schools.

The purpose of this retreat is to:

  • Learn from and with each other by presenting our work for feedback;
  • Ask for and receive feedback on our facilitation;
  • Deeply reflect on our fierce commitment to equity as we work toward transformation, educational equity and excellence;
  • Work with other facilitators to develop strategies for supporting educators to make explicit connections between the work they bring for feedback and our mission of educational equity;
  • Surface the short- and long-term needs of facilitators to position SRI to better support them;
  • Continue to understand where SRI is in its development as a mission-driven organization, and the implications our mission holds for facilitators who work in SRI’s name.