Welcome to the SRI Research and Resources Pages

This page is designed as a resource for people who are interested in the research related to:

1.The work of “building transformational learning communities fiercely committed to educational excellence and equity,” and

2.How this work is situated in the larger context of research, theory and scholarship.

This part of the SRI website is designed to allow readers to dig as deeply into this larger context as they need to support their own work. Included is a “Overview of Research that Supports SRI Work;” a recently completed impact study “School Reform Initiative Scope of Work” from Joshua Lawrence and his UC Irvine, CA Educational Research group; as well as a “General Theory of SRI Intentional Learning Communities” that explains more fully how the broad literature is connected to the specific goals of ILCs. Within the both the Summary of Research and General Theory documents are links to a subset of topics that inform SRI work. These 8 topics are:

  1. The connections between collaborative school cultures and student learning,
  2. Adult learning,
  3. Transformational learning,
  4. Professional Learning Communities,
  5. Intentional Learning Communities,
  6. Facilitation and coaching,
  7. The use of protocols to guide learning, and
  8. Educational equity.

Each of the eight subtopics not only offers a bibliography of essential research and theory, but in many cases, a .pdf of the article itself is also provided. Periodically, we will be posting recently published and pre-publication research and theory that seems important to share with our community.

We would also like to share emerging and new research.

If you would like to dig even deeper into this literature, have questions about the General Theory or Impact Study, would like some help in writing a grant proposal, have original research that you would like feature on our website, or just want to continue the conversation, please feel free to contact Dr. Kevin Fahey at kfahey@gmail.com or Dr. Jacy Ippolito at jacyippolito@gmail.com. Finally we are constructing a more comprehensive EndNote bibliography that supports SRI work. If you are interested in having access to this resource, please contact Kevin or Jacy.