Learning Experiences – Friday, November 3rd

Fall Meeting participants will select a learning experience from a variety of compelling topics designed to provide participants the opportunity to delve deeply into a particular topic of interest.

Each learning experience will align to SRI’s guiding principles, with session offerings designed to meet the varied needs of participants fairly new to SRI work as well as those with longevity.

Full-Morning Sessions
An Uncommon Theory: Deep Change and the Work of the School Reform Initiative
Got Voice? Improving the quality, quantity, and authenticity of student voice in your classroom or school.
The Stories We Tell Ourselves: How Stories about Teaching and Learning Impact TEaching and Learning
Early Childhood Open Space
Facilitator as Leader
Fearless Dialogues
90-Minute Sessions
Protocols: The Floor, not the Ceiling
Providing Job-Embedded Support to Sustain Effective Teacher Leadership
The Constructivist Protocol: What makes teachers & learners really care about the quality of their work?/ Gap Analysis – Need Description)
White Teachers Teaching About Race