SRI Fall Meeting 2017
Atlanta, Georgia

November 2-4 – Fall Meeting
November 1 – Pre-Conferences

*We moved SRI Winter Meeting to the Fall!*

J.W. Marriott Atlanta Buckhead
3300 Lenox Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30326

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Fall Meeting Overview

The Fall Meeting offers professional educators from across the country and world the opportunity to engage as adult learners in the grounded, deeply relational types of learning experiences they offer their students every day.

The mission of SRI is to create transformational learning communities fiercely committed to educational equity and excellence. This mission guides the planning of Fall Meeting and your participation is an opportunity to enact these beliefs into practice.

What does it mean to be fiercely committed to educational equity and excellence? What does it look like when we are living this commitment and doing this work together? Such questions are not easily answered. When we do this work together at Fall Meeting, we listen to each other’s stories and make our practice public, as a fundamental part of how we demonstrate our fierce commitment to equity and excellence.

The Fall Meeting will help you advance your work in collaborative practices that make a difference for all students, whether you are just starting or have been a part of SRI for years. Join us and help further our collective commitment to making schools better places for all students and educators.

The Fall Meeting provides time and space to deepen your learning with like-minded colleagues, using protocols and processes that can be immediately implemented in your schools and classrooms.

Come to the Fall Meeting to work with colleagues who will:

  • give you valuable feedback on your practice
  • share their insights on a professional dilemma you are facing
  • support your efforts to bring or increase collaborative practices in your school or organization
  • help you explore your assumptions around issues of equity and excellence

SRI Fall Meeting 2017 – Now Accepting Scholarships – Deadline SEPTEMBER 18TH

Thanks in part to our Dream Big Fundraising Campaign, SRI is able to offer financial assistance, through our Faith Dunne and Nancy Mohr Scholarship Fund to help cover the cost of the registration fee. If you are in need of financial assistance to attend the 2017 Fall Meeting, November 2-4 in Atlanta, GA, please complete the scholarship request form.

We will accept applications from August 2-September 18, 2017.  Notification of scholarship awards will be announced by September 20.  Scholarship recipients must accept or decline their award no later than September 29.

You must be an affiliate to apply for a scholarship. If you are not a current SRI affiliate, you can join here. SRI gives priority to classroom teachers.

Scholarships apply to the registration fees only. SRI cannot allocate scholarship support for travel or lodging.

If you have any questions, please contact Heidi Vosekas at 303-586-1169 or at

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Fall Meeting FAQ

What is Fall Meeting?
The Fall Meeting is an annual gathering of educators interested in the mission and practices of SRI. We gather together, in collaboration, to take up dilemmas in our practice, give feedback on real student and adult work, share resources, and take the time needed to make meaningful changes in our classrooms and schools. “We” includes you! Consider this your invitation to join us at our gathering and in our mission. Fall Meeting is very much a working retreat, not a standard sit-and-listen conference. It is a real chance to reflect on your practice as an educator and take home your learning to apply right away.
We welcome you to take a look at some of our artifacts from last year.

What happens at Fall Meeting?
Powerful conversations, renewal of practice, and learning in community. Transformation happens at Fall Meeting!

Participants spend most of their time in collaborative learning groups and learning experiences. Collaborative learning groups are formed by the planning team and learning experiences are selected by participants. In collaborative learning groups, participants have the opportunity to share work they have brought from home, or provide feedback on work from other participants. Their collaborative learning group colleagues give feedback on work using an SRI protocol to shape the feedback session. Collaborative learning group participants will also have the opportunity to practice leading protocols, a structured collaborative tool, within their group.

Additionally, whole group experiences at the opening and closing of the meeting are integral to your Fall Meeting experience. An evening reception provides an opportunity to both unwind and celebrate with friends new and old.

What is a Fall Meeting collaborative learning group?

At the heart of Fall Meeting is our time together in collaborative learning groups, small groups co-facilitated by SRI affiliates. Collaborative learning groups vary in size, and include participants from across the country and from all areas of education. Because of the nature of our work in collaborative learning groups, your full participation is very much appreciated.

In these groups, we’ll use SRI tools (protocols) and other resources to create conditions for professional collaboration and reflective discourse to flourish. Specifically, collaborative learning groups at Fall Meeting 2017 will support us to:

  • Surface issues of inequity, injustice, and oppression even when they may appear to be absent;
  • Examine how our assumptions and beliefs can serve to support some students and hinder the success of others;
  • Create brave and safe spaces where conversations result in action; and
  • Sustain commitments that lead to reach change.

*collaborative learning groups are formed by the planning team, based on the answers provided in the Experience section of the registration form.

Is the Fall Meeting the Same as a Seminar on SRI Critical Friendship?
No. Fall Meeting collaborative learning groups model SRI collaboration and reflective practices, but collaborative learning groups are created to help you reflect on your individual work for the time we are together. Seminars are longer in duration and are designed to introduce participants to how to be both participants and facilitators, and to build a culture of collaboration and reflection in their own settings. You can learn more about SRI seminars here.

Is the Fall Meeting Right for Me?
Yes! If you are an educator interested in collaboration, reflection, educational equity, or transformational learning, the Fall Meeting program is tailored for you. [/slide]
[slide name=”I’m new to SRI/PLCs/Collaborative Learning/Teaching/etc. Can I still come?”]YES! We very much welcome new colleagues to Fall Meeting! We will offer some resources and experiences prior to the Fall Meeting to help orient you so you can dive right into FallMeeting with confidence and get the most out of your experience. Just identify your level of experience when you register.

What are the Pre-Conferences?
Pre-Conferences are optional experiences that take place on the Wednesday before Fall Meeting. They are stand-alone sessions that offer an experience different from that of the Fall Meeting that may include local excursions or in-depth learning around a topic or practice. More on Pre-Conferences