Fall Meeting

SRI Fall Meeting 2017
Atlanta, Georgia

November 2-4 – Fall Meeting
November 1 – Pre-Conferences

*We moved SRI Winter Meeting to the Fall!*

Winter Meeting Overview

The Winter Meeting offers professional educators from across the country and world the opportunity to engage as adult learners in the grounded, deeply relational types of learning experiences they offer their students every day.

The mission of SRI is to create transformational learning communities fiercely committed to educational equity and excellence. This mission guides the planning of Winter Meeting and your participation is an opportunity to enact these beliefs into practice.

What does it mean to be fiercely committed to educational equity and excellence? What does it look like when we are living this commitment and doing this work together? Such questions are not easily answered. When we do this work together at Winter Meeting, we listen to each other’s stories and make our practice public, as a fundamental part of how we demonstrate our fierce commitment to equity and excellence.

The Winter Meeting will help you advance your work in collaborative practices that make a difference for all students, whether you are just starting or have been a part of SRI for years. Join us and help further our collective commitment to making schools better places for all students and educators.

The Winter Meeting provides time and space to deepen your learning with like-minded colleagues, using protocols and processes that can be immediately implemented in your schools and classrooms.

Come to the Winter Meeting to work with colleagues who will:

  • give you valuable feedback on your practice
  • share their insights on a professional dilemma you are facing
  • support your efforts to bring or increase collaborative practices in your school
  • help you explore your assumptions around issues of equity and excellence

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