Facilitating Adult Learning Institute

Date: 06/07/2017 – 10/07/2017
Location: Trinity University – San Antonio, TX
Facilitators: Angela Breidentstein, Ileana Liberatore, Pat Norman
Facilitative Leadership, SRI Critical Friendship

During the Facilitating Adult Learning Institute, participants will learn how professional learning communities in schools contribute to increased student achievement. We will work together to create a professional learning community, learning the concepts, habits, tools, and skills that lead to more reflective practice. Participants will prepare to adapt and translate their institute experiences to the work they will do in their own settings to lead adult learning. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend in school teams of 2 or more, especially to support teachers and school leaders as they take this work back to their campus/educational setting. Educators from all arenas of the profession are welcome.

Dates: June 7-9 and October 6-7, 2017
Cost: $750 per participant; $600 if district is a member of Trinity’s Center for Educational Leadership* (limited registration). Registration includes breakfast, lunch and institute materials (including two books).
Contact: Angela Breidenstein, abreiden@trinity.edu

Flyer and Registration