Crafting the Feedback Teachers Need and Deserve

Date: 06/14/2017
Location: Hurst Conference Center – Hurst, TX
Facilitators: Thomas Van Soelen
Teacher Evaluation

Teacher evaluation can truly be an improvement strategy, not just a logistical check off for Human Resources. Van Soelen & Associates, LLC led a five- year Teacher Quality Initiative resulting in leaders more proficient in writing high quality feedback, teachers more desirous of receiving feedback from leaders, students performing better on state and national assessments, and an emergence of observational data as being a valid player in data-informed decision-making. Crafting the Feedback Teachers Need and Deserve illuminates an often overlooked aspect of educational leadership: providing quality written feedback. This workshop offers context, purpose, and techniques on how to capture and write beneficial feedback. Proven in school districts, Van Soelen’s strategies will accelerate improvement in classroom practice and result in teachers who crave feedback and use it to supervise themselves. Each participant will complete an assessment tool to gauge current practice. This session shares insights into providing effective observation and feedback within any teacher evaluation system.

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