University of Florida Hosts International Teacher Leadership Conference – March 2-3

Join hundreds of teachers, school leaders, and scholars from around the globe at the International Teacher Leadership Conference on March 2-3, 2017 in Miami, FL!

Educators from diverse locations and backgrounds are invited to the UF College of Education’s International Teacher Leadership Conference in Miami, FL from March 2-3, 2017 to explore the crucial role that teacher leaders have in improving equity, schools, and student achievement. Click here to learn more and register to attend!

During this unique, two-day conference, participants will engage in a variety of collaborative experiences that allow them to examine ways to enhance teacher quality and improve education equity that directly lead to improved student outcomes. Interactive presentations, roundtable discussions, on-site visits to observe teacher leadership first-hand, and dynamic keynote speakers, including Gloria Ladson-Billings, will equip and empower educational leaders at all levels to incorporate teacher leadership as a means to drive school improvement and enhance educational outcomes.

The conference also serves as a culminating experience for the Teacher Leader Fellows, a cohort of 40 teachers from across Florida who have been identified as teacher leaders to complete this 18-month experience. Prior to the conference, the Teacher Leader Fellows participated in multi-day institutes, out-of-state residential experiences, regional leadership meetings, and virtual teacher collaborative communities of practice. These are designed to provide a coherent and integrated approach, also known as “blended learning”, with each component building on and mutually enhancing one another. Each Fellow will be presenting on a topic of their choice around teacher leadership at the conference, including how teacher leaders transform professional development and teacher leadership in the digital age.

The conference is hosted by the UF Lastinger Center for Learning, the College of Education’s educational incubator, which spearheads professional development programs to improve teaching and learning.

Educators can register online and even at the door of the conference, which is being held at Miami’s Hyatt Regency.

See the conference website to learn more about the event and register.

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