Support School Reform Initiative this #GivingTuesday

November 28, 2017

Please support SRI this #GivingTuesday

“Education reforms come and go. The latest curriculum, fad or strategy will never make schools more equitable places for students if we don’t help educators address the questions that are hardest to address. SRI equips educators with the tools and skills to engage and stay in difficult dialogue. Doing this has long-term positive impact for the students being served.”
-SRI Affiliate

Each year, SRI supports the learning of educators through professional development in-person and virtually; through regional and national events; and through our website and Facebook connections. Help us continue to provide this important learning, in service of ALL students.

“Without the tools and skills for engaging in difficult dialogues, schools will never serve all students. SRI provides important learning that allow schools to navigate really hard territory. The work is messy and the organization encourages us to wade in and learn in the messiness.”
-SRI Affiliate

This #GivingTuesday, please join us in supporting this important work. Your gift will help us grow and sustain the SRI network and continue to provide resources and tools for thousands of educators.

“EVERY child deserves to learn in educational contexts that take seriously their learning needs, affirm and strengthen their identities, and provide equitable learning opportunities. This is what SRI supports educators to do.”
-SRI Affiliate

Support educators on #GivingTuesday. Click here to make a gift.

With gratitude,

Kari Thierer
SRI Executive Director

P.S. Consider starting a fundraiser on Facebook for your dontations to be matched today!

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